You Did It!

Dearest Friend,

You've made it! You completed the Easter Egg Hunt! Congratulations!

Do you know which state / province you visited the most on the easy hunt?  Virginia!  You visited Virginia 8 times!

Do you know which state / provide you visited the most on the difficult hunt?  New York!  You visited New York 2 times!

Click on the map below to see everywhere you went on your hunt!

Well, I hope my helpers didn't make it too hard, and I sure hope you had fun!  Your prizes, and more fun, await below.

Hoppy Easter!
- The Easter Bunny

Did you decode the Easter riddle?  Check your answer below!

Riddle: How does Easter end?

Answer: With an r.

More Online Fun!

Virtual Easter Game through PrimaryGames

Free Easter Ecard through Punchbowl

Easter Jokes and Puns from Southern Living


Printable Escape Room (requires adult set-up): Mr. Fox's Easter Game

Easter Paper Craft from Cannon's Creative Park


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  1. This hunt was actually really fun... it's so nice to see everyone out there.

  2. Thanks to all who gave the time, energy, and creativity to create this virtual egg hunt!

  3. Solar Panel Project? Bay Area is bringing the game!

  4. That was fun! Thanks for putting this together!

  5. Thanks for the hunt. From Buxmont UU Fellowship.

  6. This was fun, and I loved seeing so many UUwebpages and the creative ways to hide a virtual egg!

  7. Fabulous hunt. Please do it again next year!

  8. It was interesting to learn about activities that some societies are doing.

  9. What a fun hunt! Was great to visit so many different UU congregations and see what they're all up to. I'd love to see it next year, too!


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